Save The Rhino

The number of rhino poached in Africa has reached unbelievable numbers. It is our duty to ensure that they will be around for our children and their children.
7 Pins249 Followers - Rhinos Without Borders - moving rhinos to safe havens in Botswana.

Rhinos Without Borders

Kids speak out for rhinos - Africa Geographic Blog

Rhinos Without Borders launched their Rhino Angels campaign - calling on kids to be ambassadors for rhinos.

CBS News gets a rare look at the difficult work being done by a group literally lifting the giant animals out of the reach of brutal poachers

"11th-hour" mission to save South Africa's rhinos

"It's a race against time": Rhinos without Borders is racing to save the animals from extinction. In more than were slaughtered in the country for their horns. Now there's hope for rhinos in South Africa in spite of the poaching crisis - From CBS News

Tusk Patron Prince William calls for end to poaching of rhino and elephant

Prince William, Tusk Royal Patron, calls for end to poaching of rhino and elephant.

Volunteer Work at Kariega Conservation Project in South Africa | Wildlife Conservation | Big Five Reserve Program

Come to Africa. Enkosini Eco Experience offers you the opportunity to volunteer at wildlife conservation projects in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Charles Brightman on Vic Falls Anti Poaching Unit (VFAPU) #rhinopoaching #victoriafalls #vicfalls #zimbabwe #travel #africa #wildlife #conservation

Charles Brightman on Vic Falls Anti Poaching Unit (VFAPU) #rhinopoaching #victoriafalls #vicfalls #zimbabwe #travel #africa #wildlife #conservation

Save the Rhino Trust trackers use equipment such as cameras and binoculars to help them monitor and protect the black desert adapted black rhino.

Find out how you can get involved in our Rhino campaigns and appeals by visiting our website. Visit Save the Rhino today for more.

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