Reason #5 We are all foreigners (SABC included)

This banned Nando’s ad perfectly sums up how ridiculous the xenophobic attacks are

Reason #17 We’re the DIY kings

Don't have a grill? Here are ten most-likely-dangerous lifehacks to fix that for you. View "Redneck BBQ Life Hacks: 10 Ways You Can BBQ Even Without a Grill" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Reason #41 We wear our hearts on our heads

it's not just the soccer world cup that is on south african shores but the great grand rounds, something that some would say is far .

Nando's Anthem (Nkalakatha) #25Reasons

Reason We all know the words to our national anthem via Original (South Africa)

Reason #37 We’re proud. And very loud

Get the out the vuvuzela folks, it’s almost World Cup time! Every four years, we gather together to watch countries from around the globe clash at soccer (or football, depending on where you’re f…

Nando's Stories (Izikhothane) #25Reasons

The Nandos 25 Year TV Campaign is really bad ass! My favourite ad so far.

Reason #12 Our cops are big dreamers

Reason Our cops are big dreamers Original (South Africa)

Reason #26 We have a great exchange rate

The Cows Analogy

Reason We have a great exchange rate Original (South Africa)

Nando’s #25Reasons

Nandos have come out with yet another brilliant campaign.