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Hey everyone, we have just released our first full featured game : Bibio. Snake with a facelift. Enjoy 18 levels with 3 different difficulty ratings including a maze level, a head 2 head multiplayer mode and a classic free-play level. Play Bibio:

858 News: Okay so we are currently working on updates for Bibio primarily.


Conflict Nexus - Anyone that's played a breakout game will immediately find themselves at home with Conflict Nexus,but it's not just that, it's more, stack-able power-ups, big explosions, head to head multiplayer and more! This one is currently at concept and is also in active development. At the moment we are developing for Web, Windows, Mac OSX & Linux but are looking at Android OS as well in the near-ish future. Thanks for reading! "No retreat! No Surrender!" - Gabriel Angelos - Dawn…

Here is an update on Bibio: We now support the game on Google Chrome and browsers a like. Have fun with it!

Trizzy is a new take on the dice game genre, drawing mainly from the ancient game of poker dice and though it has been done before, the player has never had the kind of freedom that Trizzy has to offer - assigning to multiple scorecards without losing rolls, being able to clear scorecards a few times in every game and playing round by round rather than roll by roll. Check it out on -