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an image of a man's body and organs
an image of a woman sitting on the ground in front of a painting with birds
an image of skeletons dancing in the desert
Eric Fraser Black White, Inspiration, Norse Mythology, Tattoos, Ideas, Mythology, Norse, Fantasy
Eric Fraser
a painting of a woman holding a ball in her hand and flying through the air
Художник Роман Тыртов – Эрте и модные иллюстрации
Fashion illustration Erte
an image of a woman with many circles around her and the body is made up of images
Gonkar Gyatso, Power Lhamo, 2015, mixed media on fine art paper, mounted on Dibond, 122 x 100 cm. Courtesy the artist and Galleria Mimmo Scognamiglio, Milan
a woman sitting in the middle of a drawing
ArtIstanbul | Gonkar Gyatso - Tibetan Contemporary Artist
Gonkar Gyatso
an elephant sitting in front of a painting on the side of a yellow and blue wall
An artist’s impression of the historical Buddha. This image deviates from the traditional norm of Buddhist painting in that, rather than the actual human bodily faculties, the most sacred icons and objects of Buddhism are used to denote them. A careful observation shows that the Eight Auspicious Signs, the Four Harmonious Friends, the Eight Precious Offerings, the Five Bodily Senses and other things held in the highest esteem for reasons of spirituality by Buddhists are carefully placed against