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Cremora Tart Recipe from South Africa. Revisit this always popular retro South African dessert. This new version is fruity and covered in chocolate.

Easy Cremora Tart

This South African tart is a great alternative to a traditional Christmas pudding.

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Sago Melkkos (Sago Pudding) Recipe - been looking for this for years!!!!

This is called “Melkkos” (& regte boere resep ) and it’s basically milk with some flour, butter, salt, eggs, cinnamon and sugar and its cheap to make. This recipe has sago added. You’ll just love this!

Driehoek Maaskaas-vrieskastert (oorspronklike resep)

Driehoek Maaskaas-vrieskastert (oorspronklike resep)

Milk tart pancakes - Cinnamon sugar pancakes with a creamy milk tart filling

South Africa: Pannekoeke South Africans also enjoy crepe-like pancakes. This recipe, takes a twist on the traditional crepe by using the filling of another traditional South African recipe, Milk Tart—the cinnamon custard with a spiced crumble

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