Buffel armoured vehicle SADF

The Primary fighting vehicle of 52 Bn. Bobby installed the first command Buffel with radios to operate as a Bn Tactical HQ vehicle.

NORTH OF ANGOLA - Recovering from a group of paratroopers by PUMA helicopter after an operation in northern Angola.

Portuguese Paratroopers during the Portuguese Overseas War boarding a Puma, ca.

South African Bush Wars

South African Bush Wars - The bushmen trackers were efficient and proud of it

Beste spoorsnyers ooit

Bushmen or San people were excellent trackers and were used by the South African military as trackers during the Angola Border War.

The South African Special Forces Brigade, Nickname "Recces".

The South African Special Forces Brigade, Nickname "Recces".

South African Border War

South African Border War (In Namibia). Jacob didn't fight in this war, but Tannhauser did as a SA Recce after the Bush War ended.