You know you're South African when...

You know you're South African when. South African dress code"No jeans, no takkies"

"Eish!" is South African slang for "Oh no!" or "Oy vey!"

" is South African slang for "Oh no!" or "Oy vey!" - I've been known to say this, thanks to my South African bestie!

Granadilla passion fruit fridge tart - South African food recipe

Looking for excellent Quality South African Food? Now Muslim community in UK can buy it from South African Halal foods suppliers.


Buffalo range of herbs & spices in metal containers with plastic flip tops!

Zoo Biscuit wallpaper

Zoo Biscuit wallpaper by Design Kist. All their prints are South African-inspired.


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A Boer Girl's Memories of the War - Hester Johanna Maria Uys's recollections of the English concentration camps in South Africa

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