Cohen Diet: Spinach lasagna #cohenlifestyle #lynskitchen

Cohen Diet: Spinach lasagna #cohenlifestyle #lynskitchen

Hungry Hubby And Family: COHEN DIET: Tomato, Green Pepper and Mushroom Pizza

I love pizza and really, who doesn't? So you have to love a diet where you can have it up to three times a week! I'm on the Cohen Di.

COHEN DIET: Mozzarella Stuffed Mushrooms

I really love mushrooms, ever since I was a child (don't know why, but it did make for some interesting suppers!) and baked like t.

Hungry Hubby And Family: COHEN DIET: Chicken Schnitzel

One of the best comfort foods I love is Chicken Schnitzel and mash. We would have it at least once a week and it is something my Hu.

Cohen Diet: Rosemary lemon Chicken #cohenlifestyle

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COHEN DIET: Mushroom, Green pepper and Onion Pizza

Hungry Hubby And Family: Cohen Diet Weekly Menu with recipes fat loss diet lifestyle changes

Cohen Diet

I'm not in the best of health today. Had I not taken a cold shower late night after a long hot and humid day, I won't get colds and runny n.