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If 1D says no to him idk what I'll say!! Come on Harry just one song!!

Pinning to "Haha" because it's the most popular board. I'm pinning because this little girl is adorable, and childhood cancer is absolutely awful and shouldn't exist. I hope this beautiful warrior gets her wish!

ftm, transman, and trans Bild

ftm, transman, and trans Bild (Dragon Age's Krem 💕)

♥ like and repin if you think she is beautiful ♥ I do!!

Aww yes! I love Adalia Rose! she's soo sweet! her mum just shaved her head to make Adalia feel better about herself thats soo sweet! ------------ I've never seen her before but she is beautiful !

this girls deserves millions of repins

When i think my life is hard, i remember the strength of people like this little girl, and think, they beat cancer. my problems no matter how big or small, can be handled.

I do not understand somebody please explain this to me

Share idk how to do it Its poop


My mom actually helped get the cancer barbie. That makes me one proud daughter

I miss Talia.....but the truth is that , all ppl do have real hearts, just some ppl don't want this kind of stuff on their boards. And it's totally understandable.

I know all of you have a heart. Even the ones that don't repost. Please everyone just pray for ppl with cancer because it's honestly so sad. Please repost, but if you don't you still have a real heart. EVERYONE has a real heart.


trust me i reposted it 2 and still did nothing! i waited for 5 min and still nothing!

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everyone put this on your most popular board! Sorry that I put it on chat board it's my most popular board, this is NOT my sister but please help