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i waited to send you a hug
I Love You This Much Kid Drawing Family Hugs Kiss Cuddle MAGNET | eBay
a cartoon dog holding a heart shaped balloon with the words you were on my mind today so i thought i'd send a hug your way
You were on my mind i thought id send a hug your way
a happy hug day card with a teddy bear and pink daisies in the background
A conversation about nothing in particular
a snoopy dog with flowers on it's head and the words long distance hug
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a cartoon character with a quote about being told you're appreciated is one of the smallest, yet most incredible things you can ever hear
a snoopy cartoon with the caption do you need a hug today? hope so, because i'm sending you a gigantic caring one right now
a teddy bear sitting on top of a brown background with the words sending a hug to you across the miles
Sending You a Hug - Bing
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