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an assortment of fruit and vegetables are displayed on the floor with tags attached to them
Farmers Market
a small blue butterfly sitting on top of a wooden drum head with a stick in it's mouth
a piece of art that has been made to look like a heart
New design of heart using variegated threads by #21stcenturyyarns. Love the range of colours that they make. . . . . #21stcenturyyarns #handyedyarn #handsewing #redheart #heartoutline #catherinepeddeltextileartist #wip #loveheart #
a piece of paper with flowers painted on it
Columbines | Colorado’s state flower will feature at this year’s Rocky Mountain Tea Festival and exhibit at the Dushanbe Teahouse July 27-29, 2018.
three tags with shoes on them are hanging from the string and one has a pair of sneakers
three pieces of wood with white flowers painted on them next to a brush and flower pot
Dogwood blooms | gouache and watercolor on used round tea bags
several tags with fruit and vegetables painted on them
an old piece of paper with some flowers painted on it and green leaves in the middle
Tea Bag Treasure's Suzanne LeLoup-West "Fun Little Flowers" Suzanne@suzannes-art-studio.com handmade paper 8"×10" framed
two tags with an image of a fish on them, one has a tag attached to it
two pieces of paper with fish on them
two paper plates with colorful fish on them
two pieces of cloth with flowers and leaves on them next to a sewing needle case
an art piece with many different designs on it's surface in a black frame
Lino Prints on Tea Bags by Marie Black
a piece of paper with white flowers on it and a tag attached to the side
52 WEEKS OF TEA, Ruby Silvious (female, aka silvierub; was born in Tacloban City, Philippines; currently lives in the Hudson Valley, NY)