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God made you a unique individual with value to offer, date someone who treats you like you deserve to be treated.

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I’m not a particularly political animal but the latest round of presidential candidates vying to be ‘the man’ (or woman) for the Republicans in the next pr

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Despite what the world looks like, we are promised perfect peace.

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It’s no surprise that some marriages take strain when you add kids to the mix. Relaxing moments, down time, and peace and quiet seem few and far between.

Star Wars: The Movie Event of All Time? | 1Africa

Star Wars: The Movie Event of All Time? | 1Africa

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RICH IN FAITH As we all know faith can be an interesting subject when brought up in a conversation, it gets personal it gets heated and people get offended

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Enjoy Christmas without completely overindulging

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Zuckerberg unveils plans to build artificially intelligent butler

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What being lonely has taught me about life.

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