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four plates with designs on them are sitting on a place mat next to bread and utensils
45 Pottery Painting Ideas and Designs - Page 2 of 4 - Bored Art
three white plates with red berries on them and one has green stems in the middle
Whimsical Ceramic Collection by Ukrainian Artist Julia Osoka
a person holding a bowl in their hands
148.96US $ 62% OFF|Antowall European Household Ceramic Tableware Set Good Looking Dish Plate Bowl Star Light Series Chinese Dishware Set - Dinnerware Sets - AliExpress
a person wearing an apron holding a large bowl in their hands with the handles down
Jennifer Spring Ceramics (JSC), modern handmade ceramics
a white platter with two brown handles and rope around the rim, on a white surface
Tableware and cutlery
a table topped with plates and cups on top of a table
Керамика/ посуда
someone is cutting up some food on a plate
Handmade Porcelain Platters and Plates Impressed with Vintage Lace Doilies Australia
a person holding a green bowl in their hands
a person holding a bowl in their left hand and green string on the other side
Oval Ceramic Dish, Ceramic Platter, Handmade Pottery, Serveware, Lace Imprint, Custom Pottery, Wedding and Housewarming, Ceramic Plate - Etsy