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Taste of Texas

Delicious Southwestern Food
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this easy treat is so yummy | cornbread | this easy treat is so yummy this strawberry cornbread is so good, y'all! | By Kristin American | Alright, y'all. One package of Jiffy cornbread mix, alright? Take it all out. Sometimes it gets stuck at the bottom. I'm going to do what is it? A third of cup of milk. So, we just follow in the directions on the package but we doctrine it up a little bit. One one egg. Alright. Now, we going to add half stick of melted butter, we're going to add a little bit of sugar just like maybe one or two tablespoons that's it alright that's good and then we also going to add about let's see eyeball it but that's that's about a third a third to a/ 2 a cup of sour cream y'all okay I love sour cream in my dessert it taste so good so we're just going to mix this up real good alright y'all so once that's nice and mixed that looks perfect that mix up real nice y'all real nice next step here I'm going to take some strawberry. Alright, so these are these were frozen strawberry. I kind of thought them out. So, we're going to put in, let's see. That's about, I don't know. Let's see. That's about it. We're going to put in about a cup of of strawberry and again, these are thought out frozen strawberry, okay? Um you could use fresh if you'd like but I I just think the frozen ones that they're a little bit sweeter and I like using that, okay? So, we're just going to fold these in real nice. Just like so. If you want to dice up those strawberry, you can. Um I just leave em whole because they're pretty small and you know what? I have a few left here so I'm just going to use the rest. It's fine. I don't think you're going to have too much strawberry. That's like impossible y'all. Too much strawberry. That don't exist. I'm just going to give this a nice little mix. Alright, just like so. And the texture of the jiffy mix changes too when you add that little bit of sour cream is just real good y'all alright so all we going to do here I have my silicone bundt pan y'all know this is my favorite bacon bacon dish so we're going to pour our strawberry cornbread mixture right into our silicone bundt pan like so alright this is going to be so good y'all you you love you're going to love this strawberry cornbread half homemade right half homemade I'm getting there y'all I'm getting better at doing full full stuff made from scratch but for now I think half homemade is good using frozen strawberry strawberry instead of the Kancon. If you want to use fresh strawberry, like I said, you can do that too. We're going to get this all out of here, alright? And now, we just want to make this even all the way around and you can do this in a loaf pan. You can do this in a skillet, whatever you'd like. I just love using my silicone bacon bacon pan because it it like it's just great. Everything comes right out. I'm going to get the rest of this goodness right off of this spatula. Alright, y'all. We're going to bake this at 350 for about 25 minutes. I'm so excited to show y'all my favorite strawberry cornbread. Alright, y'all. Here we have our strawberry cornbread. I made it in my silicone bundt pan. I took this out of the oven a little while ago so it would cool off. So now it's time to flip it over and hope that it stays together. There's always a chance y'all. There's always a chance that it doesn't. That I have high hopes. This my my silicone bundt pan hasn't let me down yet. Oh and I think this one's going to be just as good because I felt it slide out. Y'all ready to see this? Strawberry cornbread. I'm I'm nervous. Oh my goodness. Okay that looks so good y'all. Look at that. Look how cute that looks. It's so small and cute. So you can put this in a loaf pan if you want to but I put it in my bump pan because I just thought it would be more fun. So let's cut into this. Look at that y'all. Look how good that looks. I'm going to see on this side. That looks better. Look at that. That looks so good y'all. Let me see. I'm going to cut another slice. We got these strawberry. Now remember it's a jiffy cornbread mix. I just added some sour cream. Look how moist that cake looks. Added sour cream and strawberry. So I'm going to take a bite.
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