The Boer War

Boer War Skirmish (Original) art by James McConnell at The Illustration Art Gallery

Emily Hobhouse protested South African concentration camps. Ghandi was a fan.

Emily Hobhouse word onthou in Afrikaner geskiedenis as 'n heldin. Sy maak aan die wêreld die haglike omstandighede van die kampe bekend en is tot so mate suksesvol dat sy op een stadium verbied word om voet aan wal in SA te sit.

Boer General Koos De La Rey

Boer General Koos De La Rey - one of South Africa's best loved military leaders during the Anglo Boer-War. Famous for his humane treatment of his enemies

Stones for My Father -- story set during the Boer war in South Africa

Stones for My Father, by Trilby Kent, winner of the 2012 TD Book of the Year award

Paul Kruger, President of the South African Republic

Second Boer War - Paul Kruger, leader of the South African Republic, (Transvaal), issued an ultimatum of withdrawal in response to the British ultimatum by Joseph Chamberlain for uitlander rights, which escalated the situation to a state of war

Boers approaching Dingane

Boers approaching Dingane, the Zulu chief (Original) by Severino Baraldi at The Book Palace

Battle Lines: Last Boer War Veteran

Battle Lines: Last Boer War Veteran video

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