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When my mom calls me…  I never had this happen to me...not using my full name. It was all in the tone of voice.

Funny pictures about When my mom calls me. Oh, and cool pics about When my mom calls me. Also, When my mom calls me.

What if UnderSwap Sans gets really really bad sugar highs. He would be avoiding Muffet’s for a good reason.

Underswap Sans on a Sugar High - Man I love Underswap I want to RP them forever<<<not that big a fan of undertale au's but this was pretty funny so i had to pin xD

When you have fresh sheets. But I'd like to add, freshly shaved legs as well.

x'D that reaction doe. This is how you know we came from monkeys. x'D

MRW my boss is being a real dick and won't promote me no matter how much I do at this freakin place!

how i feel when three 3 people talk all at once, cat makes funny face video