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there is a woman laying on an inflatable car bed and another photo of the inside of a car
35 Ridiculously Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius!
Inflatable car bed >>> lets go road tripping! This thing looks awesome. :)
a stack of pots and pans sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
Going Camping? 27 Innovations in Camp Gear
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the inside of a tent with two doors open
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Outdoor Connection Double Toilet / Shower Tent | Camping and Tents, Camp Ovens, Sleeping Bags, Camping Gear, Coleman Camping, Camping Equipments,
a white table with two black bins on it's sides and the top open
The Camp Cooking In A Cool Camping Kitchen - Camping Tourist
Why the hell didn't I think of this? There is always so much "dead space" under tables, even if you do put your cooler under there! Sew a rectangle, attach to your folding table, put ply wood on bottom of fabric "box" to give you your shelf! Awesome
several different types of boats are shown in this graphic above and below the image, there is a large white boat that has been designed to look like it's floating on water
The Opera Pop Up Camper: Lightweight Expanding Travel Trailer - Tiny House Pins
The Opera Pop Up Camper: Lightweight Expanding Travel Trailer. I love this thing!
a person is holding a sleeping bag in their left hand and an open sleeping bag on the right
Crazily Compact Sleeping Bag
The Sea to Summit Spark SPI Rolls Up to Fit in the Palm of a Hand #sleepingbags #camping