Biltong is considered one of South Africa's national foods - especially over sporting weekends!

Fried Water Beetles, Bangkok, Thailand

Try Biltong (South African jerky).

biltong recipe

Make your own biltong- Great easy recipe

South African Biltong Air dried meat (beef or venison) _A bit like jerky.

DRY WORS, a popular South African snack

And now for some DRY WORS, a popular South African snack, this one made of venison. Lexi Mills says it's one of the top 10 foods she and other South African expats miss

South African Recipes | DROËWORS / DRYWORS

Droëwors is a South African snack food, based on the traditional, coriander-seed spiced boerewors sausage.

Biltong  peppadew terrine [ ] #biltong #recipe #flavor

Biltong Steak with mustard vinegar and condensed milk sauce

Fascinating South African Food Adventure, South Africa Food Safari

The South African food scene offers a fascinating variety of delicious dishes. Join us on an exciting South Africa food safari.

Mark Blumberg's South African Biltong Recipe Page

BILTONG, one of the foods that Lexi Mills, an expat in London, says she misses most from her South African homeland: thedisplacednatio.

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