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the block of the day quilt pattern for july 2, 2016
4th of July Star
the block of the day quilt pattern is shown
a page from the book block of the day with instructions for quilting and sewing
the block of the day pattern is displayed on an ipad screen, with instructions to make it
Block of the day
a screen shot of the same pattern as it appears
Sandy Dunes
a quilt pattern with the names of different squares and triangles in pink, white and black
This unique photo is certainly an inspiring and top notch idea #LongarmQuilting
an old quilt hanging on the wall
A beautiful Block of the Month with gorgeous applique :)
the four square quilt pattern is shown in blue, pink, and green with words on it
Quilted Kitchen Blocks & Recipes
Mystery Flower Quilt Block
a quilted square with the names of different shapes and sizes in each triangle on it
Quilted Kitchen: Yankee Puzzle Quilt Block & Yankee Apple Crisp Recipe
Quilt Therapy
the square triangle is shown with three different colors and numbers on each side, along with half - square triangles
Quilted Kitchen: Swamp Patch Quilt Block & Wormy Swamp Punch Recipe
Swamp Patch Quilt Block Diagram Free Pattern at QuiltTherapy.com!