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sing from your diaphragm

Read This comprehensive post and learn how to improve your singing voice. Powerful tips and tricks to help you learn how sing better and improve your vocals

The Ultimate Guide to Singing Styles and Genres

There are so many different singing styles and genres - what are the best vocal exercises for singers of each style? Check out this ultimate guide to learn!

vocal folds

Vocal Folds - Singers, speakers & wind players music rely on what they hear and feel when they produce sounds to know if they're getting it right.Here's a great picture of some of your vocal anatomy!

Quit cigarettes immediately to help your lungs.

How to Strengthen Weak Lungs

"What a Wonderful World" - An Abridged History of Western Music in 16 GENRES!!  This would be great to teach students about stylistic differences... :)

An abridged history of Western Music, performing "What a Wonderful World" in 16 different genres. We create musical video experiments. New video every .