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Debunking the Myths around Runners Knee - Runners Knee is when the stress of running cause’s irritation where the kneecap rests on the thighbone.


Redefining the Impossible . If you guys are wondering why I'm pinning lots of Fitness stuff, well I am starting to workout more! I started out with two days a week and now I'm up to five days a week and I feel great Can't wait to see the results!

If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits!

Shopping for gifts for runners? Personalized and handcrafted running jewelry makes the perfect gift. Inspirational charms to keep you motivated or Reward yourself for finishing a race.

If my ipod dies I'm done.

Most annoying thing ever when I take my iPod on a run. Some how I become painfully aware of the discomfort of earbuds and weight of the iPod when it is not playing. Also great reason to NOT take your iPod running.