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a wooden table sitting on top of a cement floor next to a wall with grey walls behind it
Midtown Millworks
Loft3F - Vintage Industrial Furniture & Mid-Century Modern Furniture
a wooden table with metal straps on it
⭐ Psychoactivelectricity⭐
★ Psychoactivelectricity ★
two tables made out of metal and wood
Jimmy Wood - Amazing Woodworking Projects
Beautiful Coffee table Más
a wooden table sitting on top of a brick sidewalk
Revive is now closed for business.
Brickmaker's Coffee Table - Revive Joinery
an office desk made out of metal and wood in a room with black flooring
ThorrOssWood OssWood
La création de meubles en bois Brut et Métal pour les Grands Espaces Intérieurs style Industriel
a wooden shelf sitting next to a brick wall with black metal shelves on top of it
Estante Escalera Industrial - $ 3.350
estante escalera industrial
a wooden table sitting in front of a glass wall
love this table
a wooden stool with measurements for it
How To Build A Fancy Cutting Board - Artistic Wood Products
Galán de noche