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Glow in the Dark Party by A Pumpkin and a Princess and other great party ideas and party decor!

He wants a petting zoo for the big bash this year, but his special day usually features sub-zero temps. Your solution? These great birthday themes that bring the outdoorsy feeling in.

Glow In the Dark Party Ideas for a Fun New Year's Eve With the Kids, Teenagers and Adults -

Dress in all black and wear masks painted in glow in the dark paint for extra fun when playing tag, capture the flag, even football. Use different colors for different teams. Paint flags or balls you are going to use too.

Glow in The Dark Party Nails |

DIY Glow in the Dark Nails. Pour the contents of a flow stick into some clear nail polish, paint your nails a bright colour and top it off with the glowing top coat. The effect will probably be temporary since glow sticks tend to fade rather quickly.